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Discover Skin Care Solutions
At Our Santa Clarita, CA Center

Look & Feel Your Best with our Comprehensive Skin Care

Feeling confident begins with believing you look your best. FACES Dermatology is here to help you achieve that feeling by offering advanced skincare solutions in Santa Clarita, CA. We are your link to comprehensive skincare, providing patients across the valley with a range of general and cosmetic dermatological services. We’ll help you turn back the clock and achieve a smoother, even, and more luminous complexion. Our office is equipped with some of the most advanced technology in skincare, ensuring you receive safe and effective treatments every time you visit us. Contact our office today to learn more about what we do or to schedule a consultation.

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A Team of Medical Professionals to Provide Skin Care

At FACES Dermatology, our team is led by medical professionals,
Chris Towery, Ph.D., NP, and Frank Lusher, MD. Our goal is not only helping your skin look better but also keeping it healthy. We can diagnose and treat skin cancers, moles, growths, and chronic skin conditions, helping you find the right solution to keep your skin in excellent condition. You’ll feel better knowing you are under the care of a medical skin specialist who knows how to formulate treatment plans and perform procedures safely. We’ll ensure you not only look great, but also have healthy skin. And as we all know, healthy skin is beautiful skin.

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Cosmetic Treatments to Enhance Your Appearance

Our office offers a selection of laser procedures that will improve both the appearance and texture of your skin. While many patients undergo these treatments for their anti-aging benefits, they are useful for people of all ages. Our laser treatments can be used to reduce wrinkles, scars, and varicose veins. In addition to laser treatments, we also perform other cosmetic procedures, including Botox®, Juvederm, microdermabrasion, body sculpting, chemical peels, and more. Whatever you’re looking to improve, our team can help you find a solution to achieve your desired results. We’ll discuss your goals and determine which treatment options will best help you reach them. Give us a call today to make an appointment.

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Mission Hills

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Santa Clarita

Faces Cosmetic Laser Center, Lyons Avenue, Santa Clarita, CA, USA